March WITH Washington
(Online TBD)

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...because we've understood taxation without representation to be wrong from the very beginning!

Take the Pledge with Us:

"We refuse to buy "tea" or any other goods or services from those who insist on subjecting DC citizens to taxation without representation."

While we would like to believe that some of our fellow citizens do not fully understand the issue or do not realize the negative impact their representatives are having on DC citizens and the country writ large, it is, however, imperative that they understand that they, alone, have the power to put an end to the damage their representatives do in their names. Until that time, we cannot, in good faith, financially reward them for the harm they cause, either wittingly or unwittingly. It is, at the least, a horrible trade agreement.

This is a partial list of the states sending representatives working to deny DC citizens...their own representatives. 
Also listed are some of the goods and services that will be "thrown overboard" until DC citizens can declare their Independence Day. 

This list will be updated after each election. Next update: 07/1/2022

Please ask your representatives if they will vote for or against DC Statehood in town hall meetings, debates, interviews, and by calling their offices. 

This should also be illuminating for those hoping to elect representatives who understand the concept of representative democracy and are willing to stand up and defend it when required.

We ask that everyone vet their potential representatives before the upcoming elections. 

This list will be updated after each election. Next update: 07/01/2022